'Deep state' or Trump resistors?

To the editor,

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Hopefully good health, prosperity, dear friends and loving family, and the privilege to live in a beautiful place.

In addition to those, I’m seriously grateful in these ugly political times for career federal government employees who bravely persist in doing their jobs as best they can and maintaining their first loyalty to the country, the Constitution and the rule of law. They are ambassadors and other State Department people, national intelligence, homeland security and FBI people. The people our so-called president refers to as the “deep state.”

What that means is that they have refused to give their first loyalty to him personally as he demands. They resist his demeaning the work they do in favor of whatever Vladimir Putin tells him, and his claim that he can change the Constitution by decree and is not subject to any rule of law, either as president or before he was elected. He has claimed that he could pardon himself if he is held to the rule of law. That’s called dictatorship in my book.

To me, these are the real impeachable offenses. So I give thanks to the deep state people and the very few congressional Republicans who dare to speak out against what’s happening. Unfortunately those very few don’t include our own Scott Tipton or Cory Gardner.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield