Deserving of the endorsements

To the editor,

When Marsha Porter-Norton decided to run for county commissioner, there was not one individual with knowledge of her work who was not excited by the possibility of her serving. That knowledge immediately translated to firm support; which sadly has been disparaged by her opponent who continues to call into question the number and timing of endorsements she has received. He shouldn’t; she is quite deserving.

No candidate for the office has had better preparation for what the office will demand than Marsha. Her local roots run deep, and her experience as a mediator bringing disparate groups together to forge sound agreements which address the concerns of all parties is the perfect background to bring to such a job.   

The primary skill of a good mediator is listening. After listening, being able to critically analyze what has been said and how to make sense of different takes on the same subject and be able to offer sound advice or solutions is critical. The third skill is putting forth sound recommendations and establishing favorable outcomes based on the information received. These are rare skills that few I have known actually possess. Marsha has the entire skill set and they are sharply honed. Marsha’s commitment to fairness in mediation has resulted in agreements all have felt met the needs of their organizations. This is the type of leadership that translates well to being a member of the BOCC.

 Running for office is difficult, and we should thank both Jack Turner and Marsha Porter-Norton for giving us a choice. But in making that selection, a strong local record of accomplishment should be the foundation.  In this race, the strongest record of accomplishment in the public sphere is Marsha, without question!

It is clear. Marsha Porter–Norton is the better choice for District 2 La Plata County Commissioner. Please join me in marking the ballot for Marsha!

Ballots and blue books will be distributed in the next few weeks. Study the blue books and don’t let your ballot sit on your counter; fill it out and return it to a ballot pick-up box as soon as you get it. There is too much risk in not making certain your ballot is cast and counted! After you return it, you can check and see if your ballot was received.    

And if you believe that the Republicans deserve the same fate as the Whigs, vote blue!

– David Black, Bayfield