Dismantling a rigged system

To the editor,

As a member of the Thrive Living Wage Coalition, I urge you to hear Chuck Collins at one of three free events Oct. 4-6. He will be addressing wealth inequality and what needs to change. Collins was born into wealth but chose to give away his inheritance at age 26. In his recent book, Born on Third Base, he explains how the U.S. economic system has changed in the past 75 years from a system designed to benefit the majority of citizens to one that favors the rich.

After WWII the U.S. government enacted programs including mortgage assistance, educational assistance, and infrastructure projects, all of which resulted in an economic boom, increased tax revenues and prosperity for the majority of Americans. Many of us benefited from these programs indirectly through our parents or our grandparents. Doesn't it make sense to continue these benefits to the next generations?

Unfortunately, in recent years economic and tax policies have been hijacked to preserve the wealth of those who already possess it rather than providing for the security of everyone. After reading Collins’ book, I have come to understand how our system is perpetuating huge income inequality. I believe we need to identify public policies that will build an economy that works for all of us.

Please join me in learning how we can reverse these trends and level the playing field for all. See thrivelaplata.org for more information.

– Jenny Pritchard, Durango