Doing what's best for LPEA

When a large nonprofit endorses and funds a campaign for candidates in the LPEA elections, that seems corrupt to me. It may be legal, but it’s not fair, and that’s what San Juan Citizens Alliance (SJCA) has done for years. According to the LPEA website in 2020, SJCA put close to $20,000 into three campaigns they endorsed.  What kind of favoritism do they expect in return? I think these are funded by special interest people that expect to get a return on their investment. 

It is illegal to do this in a political race, so why is it right to do it in an LPEA election? When these candidates win, they are bought and paid for in my opinion. It makes it very difficult for a little guy to win. Ask the candidates in your district if they accept donations and how much from SJCA. The question is whether those candidates who are bought and paid for by SJCA will make the best decisions on behalf of LPEA’s 35,000 members or will they act on behalf of SJCA. I know from experience that LPEA cannot purchase renewable energy as cheap as Tri-State can because of their size.

 I am endorsing Bill Waters in District 3, John Purser in District 4, Kohler McInnis from District 2 and Veronica Medina in District 1. They have assured me they have not accepted any funds from SJCA. I know they have integrity and will do what’s best for LPEA as a whole.

– Davin Montoya, Hesperus