Donald Trump's endless IRS audit

To the editor,

Thanks for all who paid taxes in 2018. After reading information on the new proposed tax change, it’s just crazy. Sen. Ted Cruz along with 29 GOP co-sponsors has called to abolish the IRS.

With the audits for the wealthy 1 percent decreasing from 8 percent in 2011 to just 2.5 percent in 2017, I guess it’s a way to make America great again.

Revenue from audits in 2010 were $5.1 billion, and audits in 2017 $1.9 billion. That is not a very good way to pay down the debt. I guess that’s why Trump says he is under audit. By law, he still can show us his taxes even under audit – an audit lasting over two years. Come on, the IRS has dedicated workers.

I hope Trump pays his taxes, and so do his grown children Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric, who are always in the limelight working for daddy in some way.

Read, read, read ... you will see for yourself.

– Bob Battani, Durango