Don't need a 'grenade thrower' 

To the editor,

Jack Turner seems to thrive on controversy and the last thing we need is someone who is described as “a friendly grenade thrower” (Durango Herald, Oct. 2 editorial endorsing Marsha Porter Norton.) Even though he tried to walk 

back his remarks, he publicly stated in the Chamber of Commerce forum that he would be an “unpredictable commissioner.” Add to that his own web page where he admits “my big mouth has given me trouble more than once” and I’m not seeing a pattern of someone I want leading our county, especially now given the very real challenges we face. 

We need leaders who have the skills to bring us together to bridge our political, philosophical and pragmatic differences. Who better than a professional like Porter Norton who has spent an entire career as the “go-to” facilitator for dozens of local initiatives and who has won numerous awards for her community service? “She is approachable and a good listener,” (Herald). In other words, she is the skilled collaborator and proven problem solver we need.

I choose collaborative over controversial. Join me in electing Marsha Porter Norton as county commissioner.

– Dave Masse, Bayfield