Don't throw humans on junk pile!

This is a direct response to the “Word on the Street” segment in last week’s Telegraph which asked: “With spring time finally here, what are you throwing on the junk pile?” One of the respondents, “Rhonda,” is pictured wearing a buff pulled up over her eyes, giving her the luxury of total anonymity. Rhonda replied: “people who refuse to get the vaccine or wear their mask.”

I am absolutely horrified by the sentiment and cannot believe I am seeing this kind of rhetoric published by the Telegraph. The worst most literal interpretation of this “junk pile” onto which people are being tossed is called a mass grave. The best figurative interpretation would be the creation of a caste system in which these unvaccinated mask-less people would become untouchable and discarded from society. Neither of these situations are remotely acceptable! This disgusting notion of throwing human beings onto the junk pile is laced with some kind of superiority complex I cannot fathom. This kind of dehumanizing rhetoric is dangerous! Unlike the coward known only as “Rhonda,” I, Trevor Steven Roulstin, say to you the fine people of Durango, that I unequivocally condemn Rhonda’s statement. And in protest I will no longer be wearing my mask in public. Expect to see my face!

– Trevor Steven Roulstin, Durango