Don't turn backs on homeless

To the editor,

If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. I would substitute “city” for “man” in the above Harry Potter  quote. Look at us! Many of us are turning our heads from the homeless and “building a wall,” outside of which the homeless are allowed to live.

I have lived in Durango only two years, coming from Chicago, where it is relatively hopeless to help the homeless. However, Durango is very small and there are very few homeless people here. We should step out of our cars and ask them how we can help, rather than ignore them. Sure, some are taking advantage, but most are probably not.

I looked up online (msn) how I could find a place to stay in Durango if I were homeless. There were only three entries that showed up, whereas there were eight entries for homeless pets. Come on, gang!

One candidate for sheriff stated that the homeless might be taken care of by “nonprofits.” Are not governments “nonprofits?”

My point being, this is a moral battle, not one to be overseen by the ACLU. We should and could take care of the few homeless people here. Give them some credit for liking Durango! Morality is more important than legality!

– Bonnie Dudley, Durango