Drug prices are out of this world

To the editor,

Republicans and Democrats can all agree that our health-care system needs an overhaul. North Korea and Iran may be threats to our country, but there is no bigger threat to our survival than our pathetic attempt to provide health care for our citizens.

Even if you are lucky enough to have adequate health care, you most likely have friends or family who do not. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand so that we do not have to look at the ugly truth. American citizens are not receiving adequate care for everything from diabetes to heart disease. Our politicians tell us it is a complicated issue that cannot seem to be solved. We made it to the moon why can’t we care for the precious lives of our citizens?

My 20-year-old daughter is suffering from our broken system. She has an extremely unpleasant illness that should have an easy and inexpensive solution. She lost her insurance because her father changed jobs. I am so grateful that she does not have a life-threatening illness like cancer but what is happening to her is very disturbing.

My daughter has an infestation of round and pin worms and the medication for this is $4,000 in the U.S. The same medication is under $50 in Canada and Mexico. A digestive doctor in Durango recommended to me the Canadian website mapleleafmeds.com. If my dog were affected by these same parasites the medicine would be $22. The insurance companies and big pharma are our parasites stealing our money, health and quality of life.

I hope this information will help someone or even save someone’s life. Pharmaceutical companies are not powerful in our neighboring countries. On average a drug that costs $1,000 in the U.S. is as low as $10 in Canada and Mexico. I am so angry and frustrated, we are allowing companies to make huge profits off our suffering. No company should make ridiculous profit from someone who is sick or dying.

I am no longer going to support our pharmaceutical companies. I am going to order all of my medicines from Canada. Canada offers the exact same medicine from the same manufacturers. I often ask myself, “Why would these companies want to find a cure for cancer, MS or Alzheimers?” The answer is they have no incentive to do so.

I am moderate politically and have been against more government involvement into our lives. However, I will no longer support a candidate who doesn’t feel as passionately as I do regarding our health-care system.

Preventive medicine and lowering drug costs are just one part of the solution. A nonprofit “insurance” is another solution. Amazon and Walmart have talked about making this happen. Keeping the government out of the solution would be ideal. Mega rich people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the Walmart family are just a few examples of those who could help make this happen. A third option would be to incentivize doctors and medical researchers to keep people well instead of profiting from illness. Let’s put Mars on hold until we cure cancer, stop preventable diseases and provide health care for all Americans.

– Jennifer McCoy, Durango