Endorsements by ilg

How this ol’ Durangatang/mountain athlete/yogi is voting this April?

• Wendt (young/struggling to stay here now/open-minded but with a guarded edge toward the Californification of Durango that is rapidly in process.)

• Buell (young conscious parent. Brings the Chi to whatever she does, and she seemingly does A LOT. Her effulgent passion is contagious.)

• Youseff (I worked with her son while building the Westview Trail. She is solid on many wholistic fronts to keep leading our hamlet beneath the Sacred Peak.)

• Re Question 1-A: Uh, yeah, but no! Now as written! Any genuine local outdoor athlete realizes, “WTH just happened!??!” in regard to so many nonlocals choking our singletrack to death. To spend 55 percent of this Lodgers Tax to support highly questionably termed “Sustainable Tourism Marketing” monuments the line of certain trajectory toward becoming the next Telluride/Aspen/Vail etc.

– head bowed, steve ilg, durango