Forward-thinking leadership

To the editor,

I am supporting Barbara Noseworthy and Kim Baxter for City Council due to their varied and impressive professional experience, which they will use to provide leadership and vision to tackle Durango’s challenging financial and social issues. I have known Noseworthy personally for some time and know her to be thoughtful, focused, committed, ready to listen to concerns from the entire community, and with a wealth of knowledge and expertise invaluable to the City Council. She believes that people want their government to be transparent, accountable and sustainable.

While I do not know Baxter personally, I have been impressed with her likewise thoughtful responses in forums and with her experience, and I believe she shares similar values that can provide thoughtful and forward-thinking leadership.

Please take time to read and hear the candidates for City Council and consider voting for these two candidates.

– Charlotte Deters, Durango