Furtney's unconscionable behavior

After four years of Trump’s lies, we must not stay silent when a politician lies or whitewashes his crimes. In the March 22 Women League of Voters candidates’ forum, Seth Furtney said that he was such a passionate advocate of trails that he “cut a barbed wire fence.” The truth is, he destroyed fencing on multiple occasions over a period of a year, using a bolt cutter and a special fence post puller tool to remove 95 fence posts, over 1,600 feet of multiple-strand barbed wire fencing, and survey markers from private property. He threw the barbed wire into the bushes, thereby creating a hazard for wildlife. Is this the type of “passionate advocate” that we want running our city? The Herald did not include this information in their whitewash of Seth’s felony conviction when they doubled down on their mistake of endorsing someone who put his selfish interests before the legal rights of a private landowner. This is unconscionable behavior.

– June Russell, Durango