Gardner fails on womens health care

Dr. Scott Johnson, Loveland, CO - 08/13/2020

To the editor,
A senator’s primary job should be promoting the health of our citizens. It is beyond belief that in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, with millions losing their employment-based health insurance, Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., supports repealing the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, thousands of newly unemployed Coloradans are without health insurance. It is disturbing but predictable that Senator Gardner’s campaign web site lacks a single word on women’s health care.

As a Colorado legislator he voted against requiring health insurance companies to provide coverage for contraception or labor and delivery. He voted against providing workplace accommodations for nursing mothers, and against Medicaid coverage for family planning for low-income women. He voted to repeal funding for school-based health centers. He voted numerous times to defund Planned Parenthood, often the only affordable health care for gynecology and cancer prevention for low-income women. He voted against allowing pharmacies to supply emergency contraception. He voted against allowing military sexual assault victims to have someone not in their direct chain of command to rule on their case.

When will Gardner ever support women and their health care?

It does not matter what Gardner says, or what the flashy ads say, just look at how he votes. How will you vote?