Get off your high white horse

To the editor,

“This is not who we are” – a response from Joe Biden to the rioters at the Capitol building last week. Well, unfortunately, it is who we are. Not that having those with differing opinions and views is the issue, but more to the point, that we have those who evidently feel or think they’re entitled to things going their way despite our differences. Our Constitution, our democracy, our rule of law … these are the things that bind us as a nation; not our individual views and opinions. And it is our democracy that we need to cherish; not a person, an individual ideal or what we feel is our due. Individually we have little. Collectively we have much. It takes a village, but not a divided one.

So, to those who believe that facts don’t matter, entitlement or privilege is their due and might is right, well, you will either destroy what we have, or you will reduce it to only being for those who meet your world view. And what about those who don’t fit in or agree? They will either suffer under your conceit and ignorance, or they will end up learning from you and eventually turn the tables. So get off your high white horse, put down your arms and take up a book. Look at how diversity brings balance and don’t destroy what others have built and left for you. After all, what then will you leave for those who come after you?

– Tim Thomas, Durango