Gov. Polis leads on electric vehicles

To the editor,

Thank you, Gov. Polis for making one of your first actions as governor to address clean air and climate change in Colorado. Supporting the transition to electric vehicles will save Coloradans money and allow us to breathe easier. The lifetime cost of ownership for electric vehicles is already less than that of internal combustion engine
cars. Electric vehicles provide huge reductions in harmful greenhouse gas emissions, including a 99 percent reduction in volatile organic compounds, compared to a gasoline car. Luckily, all of the world’s major automakers have committed to transitioning to many more EV offerings within the next five to 10 years. Three innovative American companies are currently working to bring electric trucks to market by 2020.

Anyone who doubts the power and road-handling capability of an EV need only drive one. I am very satisfied with the performance of mine. Many think they are expensive, but just like a traditional car, it depends on your choice. Buying a used EV was a great option for me, as they are forecast to last 500,000 to 1 million miles (depending on the model), longer than my life span! Used EV’s don’t qualify for the tax credit (up to $5,000 from the state and $12,500 from the feds), but the price was about one-third the cost of a new EV.

Despite the lack of leadership in Washington, Polis’ leadership will pave the way for more electric vehicles on Colorado roads and move our state closer to a zero-emissions goal.

– Susan Atkinson, Durango