Hate-filled missive enlightening

To the editor,

On May 22, the Durango Herald published on its website a letter to the editor filled with hate against the LGBT community of Durango. The letter ended with “May God drain the LGBT cesspool.” Several folks condemned the publishing of such a letter to the editor. I disagree with them. I am glad the writer submitted the letter and
that the Herald published it online!

The reasons for my positive attitude toward the letter being published are based on my beliefs from childhood when I saw newspaper and magazine photos of the Klan in their white robes and hoods marching around spewing their venom. They did not hide their identity. You knew who they were and you could confront these fringe characters and address their discrimination and hate-motivated diatribes and overt and often criminal behaviors. Simply, they “came out” and showed exactly what THEY were all about.

Similarly the LGBT letter writer exposed himself as to the type of individual he is and the Herald ownership and editor exposed themselves by publishing the hate-filled missive. Realize the publishing of letters to the editor is discretionary. As good old Paul Harvey used to say “And now we know the rest of the story!” And now we know a little more about Durango!

– J. Meyer, Ignacio