Healing through haikus

To the editor,

What the hell, we’re going to be stuck with this Corona/Covid 19 mess for awhile, why not have some fun with it? I propose the Telegraph has a weekly section of reader-contributed haikus about the virus, what people are doing to cope in the meantime, what we are observing in our community and generally sticking a thumb in the eye of this sickness – could be fun!

I have a first contribution to this temporary (not temporary enough!) section of the paper. Here goes.

Restaurants sickly empty

Take-outs through back doors. B

ut soon we will hear laughter.

OK, maybe it’s not great, but it’s a start. I’m sure your staff could add a couple, too.

– John Egan, Durango

(Editor’s note: John, thanks for the idea. The skeleton Telegraph crew is in crisis mode right now, but we’ll see if some of our clever and loquacious readers step up. Have a corona haiku? Send it to telegraph@durangotelegraph.com.)