Hold 9-R to task

Editor’s note: we checked with 9-R, and they still say the pledge at every meeting,

As the debate began nationally over mandatory masks and vaccinations for school age-children, mama and papa bears across the country focused on their local School Board. 

It was generally assumed that each school board membership would predominately consist of parents or grandparents of students within that school district. It has been further assumed that those board members were committed to health of their children rather than easily accepted the dictates of Big Pharma and its minions at the CDC, WHO, FDA, the local health department or the once-altruistic Democratic Party. 

We now know that some of those idealistic visions have yielded to adopt a more politically correct agenda such as Critical Race Theory.

One such example is the 9-R School District, where concerned parents questioned the need for mandatory masks for elementary children who are not vulnerable to COVID infection. It was discovered that the 9-R School Board had already adopted a “Resolution on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” without a publicly noticed hearing. 

Minutes from the Jan. 26 board meeting reveals no record of a board discussion taking place on the resolution. And since there is no secretary of the board, no one person is responsible to provide pertinent facts.

At the same time, the board has done away with the Pledge of Allegiance and replaced it with a Land Acknowledgement statement.

The lack of meaningful exchange was revealing during the Aug. 12 meeting when the board approved the use of mandatory masks for its students. 

By the end of August, with four board seats up for the Nov. 2 election, questions arose about whether one incumbent who moved in August met the residency requirement. She was required to resign her seat from District D and is now running for District E.

Providing public copies of the four documents that each candidate was required to submit – including a copy of their nominating petition – might provide answers to the above questions about eligibility requirement rather than leave the board open to charges of a lack of transparency. 

Multiple inquiries for clarification to 9-R’s public information officer went unacknowledged. 

Most important of all, however, is the current board’s reluctance to discuss its pre-COVID decline of 9-R’s academic proficiency in math, science and reading scores with almost 80% of all students below grade level and its abysmal 74% graduation rate, all of which are secondary to a board that is more focused on fulfilling the necessary politics of the day than addressing 9-R’s failing academic standards. 

– Renee Parsons, Durango