Idea to improve 550

Has consideration ever been given to preventing approximately seven deaths per year on Highway 550 by installing cables? I have read that guard rails are out of the question but steel beams or even scrap train tracks rails could be installed under the road surface across both lanes, embedded in concrete. Or it could be bolted to the bedrock and then resurfaced, with 2 to 3 feet protruding beyond the drop off. Posts could then be installed at the ends of the beams and cables stretched between the posts, like between the interstates along the median. I am thinking about a car’s length or less between the beams.  

 If a vehicle goes over the edge, the cables would prevent a major drop as all the posts would be attached to the cables as reinforcement. Granted, the beams would have to be installed below the road surface a few feet, but it’s possible. Your plows could still throw the snow over the edge as the cables would not impede the snow removal nor the view for that matter.

One section could be used as a test site. Beams could be installed one at a time at night. Please don’t tell me, “if this was a good idea we would already have done it.” (Smile). 

– Rex Cochran, Morrow, Ohio