Insurers only serve the bottom line

To the editor,

Colorado gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton is among the political right who incorrectly characterize national single-payer health insurance as a “government takeover of health care” or “socialized medicine.” Nothing is further from the truth. Health insurance (financing) should not be confused with health care delivery. U.S. health care delivery is not socialized (except the VA). People desire full choice of health care providers, not choice of multiple costly for-profit commercial insurances. Only the original Medicare single-payer model of- fers full choice of public and private providers. Multiple private insurers continually shrink their provider networks to benefit their bottom line – limiting choices to cut costs. Studies report the possibility of huge annual administrative cost savings averaging $500 billion with a single federal insurance model covering all, contrasted with fragmented costly multiple commercial insurances.

– Michele Swenson, Denver, via email