Invest in our future: yes on 2A

To the editor,

My family has resided in Durango since the early 1930s. Durango has gone through many changes over the years but none more important than what we are facing right now. I will be the first to say I “wince” at the sound of someone saying, “raising taxes is a good thing.” As a business owner for 15 years, I have come to realize that the cost of doing business is NOT cheap, and if you choose not to plan ahead, you will lose.

The reason why I support Ballot Initiative 2A is that our city government, in this particular situation, is planning ahead. They realize if we don’t forecast a preferred future and plan for specific projects and future growth, Durango as we know it, will become one of many small communities around our country that is falling apart due to poor maintenance & sub-par policing of its businesses and neighborhoods.

Yes, 2A will cost me more. However, I own three commercial buildings and five businesses inside the city limits and the increase would cost me approximately $300 more per month. A cost well worth it to have better roads and improved public services. Durango is a unique and beautiful place to live, and I have an obligation to do my part to help take care of all the resources and amenities that Durango currently offers its amazing citizens and the tens of thousands of people who visit this small mountain town every year. Vote yes on 2A.

– Joe Lloyd, Durango