Jack thinks bigger, better

To the editor,
I met Jack Turner when I was on the Board of Governors for the ABC Network and served as GM for the Salt Lake City affiliate. We were tasked by then-Gov. Bangerter to bring the Olympic Winter Games to Utah – a feat that should have been impossible because Anchorage, AK, was already the U.S. Nominee. 

It was Jack who conceived a unique plan to win the Olympic nomination. He convinced everyone on the Organizing Committee that traditional bid tactics would never work. Instead, he created a three-prong approach that would appeal to local communities, athletes and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Central to the plan was organizing the largest, most diverse, winters sports festival of the time, the Utah Winter Games. Jack was named the first executive director and built it from the ground up. He convinced hundreds of volunteers to host events for athletes of all ages and abilities in all the winter Olympic sports. World Cup competitors, nationally ranked athletes, kids, seniors and Paralympic athletes were all included. It was the largest, most diverse event of its time. 

Towns, cities and resorts across the Wasatch Front participated. Jack brought us together and brought out the best in everyone. His organizational and management skills were a key factor in Salt Lake City’s success in hosting the 2002 Games. Most important, however, is that success was achieved through the encouragement of others and dogged perseverance. 

Jack Turner made us think big and be better. He’ll do the same as a La Plata County Commissioner.

– David Woodcock, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico