Keep 'hand of god' off our bodies

To the editor,

The “hand of god” con is one of the most dangerous situations our country faces. Does your religion compel you to build more cages for children and families? Does your religion encourage you to profit from bank and stock funding for incarceration?

Both Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito were nominated by a man who saw himself as the “Hand of God,” George W. Bush. The Roberts court stepped over the line that forbids government institution and enforcement of the practice of religion in the Hobby Lobby case. Here, it was ruled that the oligarchic patriarchal corporate executive had the right to use his religious beliefs to determine what health care went into women’s bodies and what came out of women’s bodies in his employ. This is against the law and is the first step on a slippery slope to destroy the first Amendment in America. It is imperative to get the governments’ “hand of god” out of women’s fertility and health care.

It seems corporations bought the Roberts court, and by rule, now have the right to buy the best government and internet money can buy. The “hand of god” con in the hands of corporations and the politicians and judges that serve them, is polarizing America into flirting with predatory fatal results. Humiliation, intimidation and violence does not serve our Constitution. Don’t let the separation of church and state crumble.

– Stephanie Johnson, Durango