Let voters decide on impeachment

To the editor,

After months of hearings, House Democrats have voted two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, knowing full well that Trumpublicans who control the Senate will reject the charges. Unlike said Trumpublicans, they are unwilling to overlook Trump’s depredations to the Constitution, the rule of law, and anything related to honor, integrity or basic decency.

Since then, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has proclaimed zero chance of conviction since he’s working hand in glove with Trump.

McConnell and House Trumpublicans have gone officially on record that their first loyalty is to Trump, not to our country, the Constitution or the rule of law. Senate Trumpublicans will go officially on record if they get the chance, so that Trump can proclaim complete exoneration and double down on his destructive behavior.

Trumpublicans have declared there are no Trump actions or behaviors that would be dishonest, offensive, authoritarian, racist or unethical enough to be a problem for them.

They have ignored and abetted all of Trump’s efforts to sabotage the Constitution. So they are saying the president has unlimited power and can do anything he wants, and they’ll make sure there will be no accountability. Trump’s authoritarian personality has been on view for years. As president, he’s cozied up with dictators around the world – in Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Hungary, the Philippines, North Korea, China and of course puppet master Vladimir Putin. The day after the full House approved the articles of impeachment, Putin himself railed against the Dems for hassling his boy.

Given all that, I’m thinking House Speaker Pelosi should sidestep the Senate and refer the articles of impeachment directly to voters, which apparently is what many of them want anyway.

However it turns out, it will be fairer than what McConnell will allow.

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield