Let's talk mascots

We are the Los Pinos Anti-Racism Project, a group of citizens from the Pine River Valley working to end racism in all of its forms here in our communities. When we learned about the panel of Indigenous folks speaking in Durango on the issue of Indigenous mascots (scheduled for 12/2 at the Durango Arts Center), we were excited and looking forward to hearing these voices. What a gift.

We were, however, disappointed and angry to hear that after receiving an email from an owner of the Toh-Atin Gallery that vilified the speakers, the Durango Creative District and the Durango Arts Center chose to cancel the panel with very short notice and a series of weak excuses. Because this email was shared with the Durango City Council, it is public record and anyone who is interested may also read it.

We are deeply disappointed in the Durango Creative District and the Durango Arts Center for de-platforming these important speakers. It’s a tough subject, and one that deserves to be discussed openly. We look forward to hearing who will have the courage, capacity and willingness to actually host this event, and we will be there to take in the wisdom the panel speakers have to offer.

– Emily Jensen, Karinne Knutsen, Kelly Polites, Jessica Ramirez, Laurie Roberts, Lydia Wacasey and Pam Willhoite