Letter of love to President Trump

To the editor,

Love is to honor the human race; love is to accept and recognize that others have their own value for the simple fact of existing, no matter how many things make us different. Differences are precisely what enrich a plurality. Love is to build bridges not to raise walls.

Love is rapprochement, good intention, feeling for the fellow man a basic respect for his or her human dignity. 

It is recognition of the one who walks by my side and co-exists with me in this world. The only important thing is to work together and together to get ahead, even if we come from a different place and circumstance.

I am an immigrant and citizen of the United States. I came here by my own will. I love the place where I live as much as I love the place where I was born, my people, my culture. My roots identify me and distinguish me without being a threat to anyone. I love this country that received me and sheltered me, but it is very true that I won my place in the community and even having assimilated culturally and having a blue passport, I will never stop being who I am.

There are thousands of young people who came here as children. They did not decide it. They grew up here, developed and learned to love this country that they have made their own. They have assimilated and studied to serve this country now and in the future.

Life can be wonderful when the heart is opened and we live in harmony, building in community.

– Celia Villa-Guille?n, Durango