Life you save could be your own

To the editor,

I’m voting yes on 2A for Durango Fire and Rescue. I was a fire department statistic in 2016. 

During a meeting I felt severe chest pains. I drove myself to the downtown fire station to be checked. My blood pressure was climbing and my family was called. But there was no ambulance to transport me to Mercy. The ambulance had to come from the Bodo station. My family was at the hospital before I arrived. This is a typical scenario in Durango. Durango’s call volume has increased and they need more equipment. They answer the call from Purgatory to the New Mexico state line.

By voting yes on 2A, there will be more ambulances, more EMT’s and more training. The 20-year-old fire engines will be replaced. Remember the Tercero fire, and vote yes on 2A.

City property taxes have not been raised since 1982. The increase for most residences will be $72 per year. By voting yes, you could save a life. Remember, the next call could be yours. Your family will thank you, and so will I.

– Sweetie Marbury, Durango