Look for property tax notices soon

To the editor,

You should receive your property tax notice by the end of January. These notices are mailed to the address on file with the county assessor. Even if you do not receive your notice, you are still responsible for the tax payment. You may obtain a duplicate notice on the La Plata County website or by calling the Treasurer’s Office. This notice is for your records.

Many homeowners have a mortgage and an escrow account with their bank. If you do, check with your bank as to when they will be paying your taxes. You are paying your taxes through your mortgage payments. If you both pay the property taxes, we will refund the money to the person or entity that paid second. Why? Because....

We pass on all property taxes collected to the local taxing authorities, such as the school districts, library districts, fire districts, etc. the month following our collection of taxes from you. School teachers and firefighters depend on you!

You may pay taxes in two half payments (March 2 and June 15) or in one full payment (April 30). Partial payments will be returned. Interest accrues after the payment deadlines, per the schedule on your tax notice.

Also, on the back of your tax notice is information on the senior and veteran exemptions. For an application, contact the Assessor’s Office. Applications are due by July 15.

Please contact either the County Treasurer Office (970-382-6352) or Assessor Office (970-382-6228) for more information or clarification.

– Allison Aichele, La Plata County treasurer and public trustee