Making a presidential quackery 

To the editor,

The election is over, and all objective evidence is that Joe Biden will be our next president. He won the national vote and the electoral vote, unlike 2016 where the antiquated Electoral College disenfranchised the national majority. 

Biden has shown a hugely refreshing example of presidential behavior. Unfortunately, the lame duck so-called president persists in claiming he won and there was huge voter fraud and a conspiracy against him by election officials.

He can (and apparently will) keep making that claim in all caps on Twitter, and in press events, no matter the harm to the country. None of those claims constitute actual evidence. He’s filed an avalanche of lawsuits, which continue to be thrown out of court.

Also unfortunately, a fair number of Trump’s congressional Republican loyalists, as well as Secretary of State Pompeo, and AG Bill Barr are helping to give life to Trump’s destructive claims. Count all the “legal” votes, they say, meaning votes for Trump. Barr has announced a Justice Department effort to find actual fraud or improper vote processing. Fine. Tell us what you find. DoJ’s top election crimes investigator resigned over this scheme.

Lame Duck and his minions are refusing to cooperate with Biden’s transition team, risking national security. On Nov. 9, Lame Duck fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper via Twitter. Then he fired three other top Pentagon officials and replaced them with hard-core Trump loyalists, according to National Public Radio. 

The director of the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency also may be in line for firing because his agency is 4 countering Lame Duck’s claims. 

If there wasn’t ample evidence already, Lame Duck’s behavior shows he cares nothing about the good of the country. He’s tearing it apart. His loyalty is to his own wealth and power. Given that vindictiveness is as much a core part of his personality as habitual lying, I wonder how much damage he will cause between now and Jan. 20, 2021?

– Carole McWilliams, Bayfield