Mannix will work for lower rates

To the editor,
If you care about rising electric bills and future economic development in our county, you should vote for Jeff Mannix in the LPEA election. Jeff will work for lower rates, local economic development and greater energy independence.

Currently, LPEA is bound by a contract to Tri-State that will not expire for 31 years! Tri-State is a coal-driven power company, and our contract limits the amount of power we can buy from alternate energy sources to 5 percent. That 5 percent is almost maxed out.

As the rest of the world moves away from coal to safer, cleaner, renewable energy sources are we going to spend the next 31 years tied to an archaic, environmentally damaging energy source?

In a county that boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, we shouldn’t live with a contract that restricts individuals and businesses from developing solar energy. Think of the economic development that would be realized without this restriction. Some serious work needs to be done to alter this dead-end direction we are headed in.

The solutions are not simple but they are available. Working toward those solutions are the only reasonable, fiscally responsible actions to take.

I trust Jeff Mannix to study the issues, find solutions and make prudent financial and environmental decisions. Please vote for Jeff Mannix.

– Antonia Clark, Durango