Marsha is up to the challenge

Marilyn Leftwich, Durango - 08/13/2020

To the editor,
I am so pleased to encourage voters to support Marsha Porter-Norton for La Plata County Commissioner in this fall election! I’ve known Marsha for years and have always respected and admired her zeal for public service. As a professional mediator for more than two decades, Marsha has interacted with just about every group or element of citizens in the county, and she knows what issues are important to all of us.

Marsha is focused on healthy communities and building a strong economy. Her ability to create consensus and respect many points of view will make her a commissioner that can get things done and create successful outcomes. She is dedicated to working for affordable housing, good jobs and livable wages.  

Marsha’s opponent in this race is John “Jack” Turner (not the Jack Turner who serves on the LPEA Board). She is looking forward to healthy and respectful debate and discussion on the issues, so that the voters can evaluate both points of view and backgrounds.

We need a strong, active and creative leader to work with small businesses and families impacted by COVID-19 and the changing economy in our county, and Marsha is ready to step up to those challenges. I hope you will all join me in casting a vote for Marsha Porter-Norton for La Plata County Commissioner this fall!