Mask wearing is caring

To the editor,

I have lived in Durango for 20 years and for the most part have experienced local people who care about each other and have ethics and morals. The good outweighs the bad. Lately, I have been ashamed, confused, and disappointed in the behavior of some people.

As I shop in Durango every two weeks, I have been feeling unnecessarily put “at risk” by lack of management in the local stores. Many customers are still not wearing face masks & even employees will improperly wear them UNDER their noses. I have no choice but to continue shopping to get what I need, feeling very anxious & disrespected.

On Fri., May 22, at Natural Grocers on Camino del Rio, I was subjected to employees wearing their masks improperly, customers not wearing masks and customers not being reminded to stay back where the tape is on the floor until the person ahead of them is done checking out. The person behind me was standing inches away from me with no mask. When I told the manager, she said she can’t say anything to the customers because of HIPPA. Really? She also told me she knows several people who died from COVID-19, as do I. And she told me her employees don’t listen to her. A young female putting carts away was laughing.

This is unacceptable behavior all around. We should feel safe food shopping. Masks are a requirement now in Durango. How is it going to be implemented? What are the consequences if someone or stores don’t abide by the City Council’s orders? I told the manager I just spent $175 in your store. I am supporting you, so why aren’t you supporting me?

It is a temporary, simple, evidence-based requirement to stave off COVID-19 in our little town that shows care for others.

– Nancy Raffaele-Ilic, Durango