Matt has fresh perspective, ideas

To the editor,

Matt Salka cares about businesses and their success, as well as our community. As mayor of Bayfield, Matt addressed residents’ concerns head on and he truly cared about the community. If a resident reached out to him, he answered. If he did not know the answer, he got back to you right away. We need those qualities in a county commissioner. Matt has a proven record of accomplishments and has shown he can represent everyone in the county. Matt was a leader of the Mill St. Revitalization Committee. Block parties were born. This brought the community together and helped small businesses highlight their products. He worked closely with businesses and made sure they could get their vision accomplished. Three new restaurants are now on Mill Street. Sales tax revenue is up, and Mill Street is bustling. This is just what we need for La Plata County, fresh ideas and a new perspective on county issues. Vote for Matt. We need someone who is honest, hard working and truly cares about the people of our community.

– Lacey Pratt, Bayfield