Matt Salka keeps his word

To the editor,

As Bayfield mayor, Matt Salka promised to bring in broadband, improve infrastructure for all residents at little to no cost to them, revitalize Mill Street, and build a new water plant. He did. Broadband is on its way!

His opponent for La Plata County commissioner, Charly Minkler, on the other hand, spent years proclaiming his support for the new land use code. As a member of the Planning Commission he was at the table for the past four years crafting the new code. But following a large donation to his campaign by some who were opposed, suddenly, at the 12th hour, he voted against the code.  

How can we trust that record?  Simple: We can’t. Vote for Matt Salka. When Matt says he’ll do something, you can trust him!

– Corey Westen, Durango