'Medicare Advantage' has none

To the editor,

Notice all the ads on TV for Medicare Advantage health insurance? It is that time of year for us to sign up for or change health insurance coverage.

Americans already pay almost three times more for our health care than Canadian citizens and most other industrialized nations. This outrageous cost is mainly due to high overhead of private insurance companies in America.

Republicans are major supporters of Medicare Advantage insurance policies because they force our federal tax dollars to be spent on private insurance companies at a much higher cost than the Medicare program, run by our government.

Since Medicare Advantage was created under G.W. Bush, our tax dollars have heavily supported this insurance plan. This program creates a circle of our tax dollars supporting a much more expensive health insurance through private companies, which in turn, support Republican candidates.

Medicare Advantage is a quiet sabotage of “Medicare for All” (as in Canada.) Republican supporters make sure the circle keeps going, claiming no funds are available for a less costly system. They are also lying to us as they are working on ending protections for pre-existing health conditions. Texas, along with 20 other Republican-controlled states, are in court to kill this protection as I write this.

– Susan Troen, Durango