Money: the universal language

To the Editor,

I recently attended the Climate Change Symposium at Fort Lewis College, hosted by the Life-Long Learning Program. Wow! What an expert and dynamic collection of educators, from a distinguished senior climate scientist to our hometown FLC professors, to a USDA hydrologist and researcher. They brought a broad background of science and experience to the panel discussion. The lectures dispelled some of the most common myths about climate change, as well as the impacts and mitigations strategies. I am inspired and appreciative of the dedication of so many talented and knowledgeable collaborators addressing one of the most critical issues of our times.

The most exciting part was the attendance! Well over 250 people attended, a mix of FLC students and community members. There was even a bus load of Cortez high school students and a group who traveled from Pagosa Springs. The level of community concern was apparent. Audience questions for the panel were asked from young and old, on topics ranging from ethics and effective communicating to motivating values, like compassion and care for our global community and biodiversity.

One of the suggested solutions by speaker Dr. Kevin Trenberth was to put a price on carbon. We all listen to “the language of our wallets,” so by putting a price on carbon we can accelerate a just transition from a carbonintensive economy to a low-carbon economy and stimulate job growth in the process. Solutions already exist; we just need the political will to implement them.

– Susan Atkinson, Durango