My values are not for sale.

To the editor,

The only debt I owe to campaign supporters is respect, gratitude and fair treatment. It should be unnecessary to state such, but my opponent for county commissioner, Marsha Porter Norton claims, “Jack Turner is the Republican nominee de facto … I am running against someone that is predominantly backed by Republicans and that brings a certain value set with it just like being a Democrat does.” Listen yourself in a recording she posted to Facebook (Aug. 13).

Porter-Norton’s claim is disrespectful to the Democrats and Independents that signed my nomination petition, posted signs and/or contributed. It’s condescending to local Republicans. The implication is that none of these people can think for themselves, hardly a way to demonstrate respect for ALL citizens.

Her false statement is based on who she says donated to our Independent campaign.

I never thought to look up donor registration, but we did so afterward. Turns out that 61 percent of our contributors are Democrats and Independents; 39 percent are Republicans. It’s a good cross-section of the community.

If Porter Norton believes money influences candidate values, she’s accrued huge political debt having out-raised and out-spent all local candidates. The Democrat Committee is her single largest contributor and provides additional support and advantages not available to Independents.

The hyper-partisan campaign to label me as Republican is predictable and the centerpiece of traditional party politics – vilify the opposition with zero regard for the truth.

I seek to bring out the best in all citizens regardless of their political affiliation.

– Jack Turner, Independent candidate for county commissioner (District 2)