New solutions to an old argument

To the editor,

I am inspired by the youth in the conservative party. They seem to have some things figured out better than us old fogies. Well – at least some things!

They understand that the climate is changing; warming temperatures are causing havoc, and they recognize that their generation will have to pay for and suffer the consequences of inaction.

I appreciate this statement from conservative college student Jacob Abel: “One of the problems is the conversations around climate change tend toward left vs. right, action vs. inaction, believers vs. deniers. Also stale, the solutions on the table default toward big government, rapid renewable integration ideas that may not be realistic yet have been passed around for decades. Yes, we need renewables – they are the future – but how can we integrate renewable energy while transitioning away from fossil fuels without creating too negative an impact on communities that rely on fossil fuel production?” He adds, “Organizations such as RepublicEN, which advocates for free-market based solutions to climate change have the right idea: put a price on carbon, ensure the revenues remain neutral (i.e. don’t grow the government but instead use to offset a tax cut or provide a dividend to citizens) and watch innovation soar. Utilizing both the technologies of the past and innovations of the future is the best way forward.”

Kudos to Abel and all our youth for recognizing we need policy change from our representatives to change the current trajectory. I hope Sen. Gardner and Rep. Tipton are listening.

– Ed Atkinson, Durango