News box vigilantes

The Nov. 11, 2021 Durango Telegraph “La Vida Local” page ran the sad story of pin heads, bitter bastards and “schnorrers” raiding Telegraph circulation boxes to grab way more than the single copy they’re entitled to. Lookee, the regular Thursday distribution of the Telegraph is a community-wide event anticipated by all those truly in the know, and those bad SOBs are messing it up.

So how do we prevent further depredations to our community treasure?

I propose that those with the night video cameras used to locate wild game in the woods put those cameras near circulation boxes to track the pigs: Get pictures of the box raiders and then run their pictures in a few issues under the headline “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Then sit back and watch them SOBs react. No more box raids I’ll bet.  

– Bob Rosenberg, Durango