Not just no, but hell no to Trump

Carole McWilliams, Bayfield - 07/23/2020

To the editor,
It’s always nice to have our national leader use Independence Day as an occasion to urge Americans to come together to celebrate our ideals and work for that elusive “more perfect union.”

That’s not what we got this year from our Disaster in Chief. He preached fear and divisiveness in support of his re-election and made clear that he supports and will protect the ugliest aspects of American heritage – slavery, ongoing systemic racism, white supremacy and Jim Crow-era statues celebrating those. Then he came out in support of the Confederate flag.

He seems to have more concern about those than he does about the big increase in COVID cases and overloaded hospitals in several states or the millions of Americans now at risk of eviction and homelessness.
Now Trump has enforcers in Portland, Ore., showing us what he means by law and order – unidentified men from unidentified federal agencies in camo driving around in unmarked vans, grabbing random racial justice protesters off the streets with no probable cause, taking them for questioning and searching their stuff, and generally harassing and intimidating them. Then the feds began incitements with tear gas and beatings, escalating the situation. Oregon is suing to make this stop and get Trump’s Gestapo to leave.

Trump never calls out the alt right for gun-toting threats of violence and actual domestic terrorist attacks. In Trumpamerika those are good people. Instead, it’s all about the so-called antifa, the current equivalent to the Communist under every bed during the McCarthy era and now his excuse to send his Gestapo into our cities. Does anyone think it will stop with Portland?

Is escalation the intent? Is it his plan to have an excuse to declare a national emergency and cancel the election? This is a bit like what mainland China is doing in Hong Kong. The dictatorship is revealing itself.

It’s up to the people to say not just no, but HELL NO in the streets and at the ballot box if there’s any hope for that more perfect union with liberty and justice for ALL.