Not so fast on median finalists

To the editor,

The city has just announced the three finalists for the Highway 550 median strip sculpture project, and I urge everyone to go see the proposals at Ska Brewing this Friday from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. My project proposal was rejected and therefore denied the opportunity to be seen and judged by the public. The reason given by the committee was that I hadn’t provided enough details on two questions in the application form. The committee chose to ignore a visually dynamic artwork that would turn a 700-foot long concrete gutter into a towering gossamer mountain range with an elevated river bed weaving between natural boulders. Very large and bold with no annoying details to distract drivers, except for one strategically placed fly fisherman casting out to a few trout hung below the river’s surface and maybe a kayaker. The three finalist pieces are all a mass of confusing detail.

The committee also chose to ignore my resume that includes teaching numerous workshops at very prominent art institutions throughout the country and one two-week long-stone cutting workshop at Escola Llotja in Barcelona, Spain, where a cat named Picasso went to school. I have significant experience in large-scale concrete and welding projects. From what I can gather of the three finalists, they have zero experience in any of these areas.

Starting this Friday I will have three large sculptures installed at the front entrance of the fabulous Smiley Building as well as my model for the median sculpture project. Please check out my website to see my full rejected proposal. After having seen the other three proposals, if you like my project, please choose it as a protest write-in candidate. I’ve been ardently involved in the Durango Art scene for 35 years.

– Jeff Glode Wise, sculptor, Durango