Not the first puffy lost at the Rec

To the editor,
(The following is in response to Jesse Anderson’s “La Vida Local” column “Looking Local,” which ran in the Feb. 6 Telegraph.)
I totally get it! I’ve lived in Durango for 15+ years and finally got a puffy jacket last year. It really is the most toasty, warm and cozy coat I have ever owned.
But what I really get, is having a jacket stolen from the Rec. Several years ago, in the springtime, I wore a new lightweight jacket that was really cool to the Rec. I put it in a locker in the Ladies Locker Room along with my walking shoes and went to swim laps. When I left the Rec., I went out with my towel and flip flops, forgetting to take stuff out of the locker. I went back a day or two later and asked about my forgotten items. What really burned was that they had my shoes but that really nice jacket – it was nowhere to be seen! Did some other patron of the Rec. see that it was there for a day or two and decide it belonged to her now? I watch for it on the streets of Durango, but I’ve never seen it.
I lock my locker all the time, now!
– Rosemary Juskevich, Durango