Not voting could be costly mistake

To the editor,

There are so many serious issues facing voters in November. This mid-term election may be the most crucial in our lifetime.

One of the major concerns of voters is affordable health care. Medicare and Medicaid have been targeted by Republicans as a means of reducing the deficit. The $1.5 trillion tax cut the Republicans gave corporations and people making over $250,000 annually will add $1 trillion in 2019 alone to our country’s deficit!

The Republican-controlled House Budget Committee voted on June 21 to cut Medicare coverage by $537 billion plus reduce Medicaid health-care programs by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

The Republicans’ health care plan presently offers deficient insurance policies for low cost but of no value if you need medical care. They plan to move all of us to a “system of private for-profit health insurance plans.” A Kaiser Family Foundation recent poll found 59 percent of those polled support a single-payer, Medicare-for-all health care system.

The Koch Brothers, who hate any form of democracy or government oversight to protect “we the people,” put out a deceptive report on the actual cost of a Medicare-for-all plan. Over the next 10 years, they claim the cost would be $32.6 trillion. They never mention that in 2016, health care cost us $3.3 trillion in that one year alone!

If we stay on the present for-profit insurance corporation system, the government projects our costs will balloon to $49 trillion for the years 2018-27.

If the Koch Brothers’ claims are any way near to reality, then Medicare-for-all would save us $15 trillion!! And all of us would have better medical care – just like the other “developed” countries have had for years.

Vote! Your voter matters!

– Susan Troen, Durango