Now not a time for Biden to be 'squidgy'

To the editor,

Andrew Weisman, former justice Department attorney who was involved in the impeachment investigation of Trump, recently stated that “The rule of law demands President Biden not be ‘squidgy’ about fully investigating Trump and his enablers. The ‘let’s look forward not backward’ philosophy is political.” It does not solve Americans’ right to know the truth about how our tax dollars were spent. Nor does it tell us how our elected representatives supported the rule of law for the benefit of the people over the four years. Our taxes paid them millions in salary and benefits. What did they do to improve our lives?

For the last 40 years, there has been a “trickle-down” of economic income inequity for 90 percent of Americans. Clear proof our government has not held working people as their valued constituents.

We have to be truthfully informed and prepared to call out President Biden if he becomes “squidgy.”

Nothing changes for the better unless people have the truth about the last four years. Without a full and factual inquiry into the Trump Administration, the 2024 election could produce a smarter, more criminally evil administration.

– Susan Troen, Durango