'Patriotism' and the flag

Regarding David Feela’s column in the July 8 issue, several times this year I have sat in traffic behind a tricked-out Jeep/truck/Hummer pasted with a decal mashup of The Punisher skull and a Blue Lives Matter flag. I’m sure it looks cool to the owner, but the irony is: The Punisher, a siren of vigilantism, is melded with an insignia of law and order. Dumb, I know, but there’s a greater force at play here besides lacking the general knowledge of the things you could have learned in school.

In second grade, we were taught how to handle and care for the flag, and a stint in Boy Scouts affirmed those traditions, as it did Mr. Feela, and I have become increasingly alarmed at the defamation of our flag. How have so many “patriots” become so distanced from the respect and honor our flag deserves? Guaranteed that awesome bald-eagle-on-the-star-spangled bought at Walmart wasn’t made in America.

– Jack Leggett, Durango