Paying for Mr. Trump's golf habit

To the editor,

For all who voted for Trump, so far he has lied to the American Public over 10,000 times. One of the big lies was when he said he would work in the White House and wouldn’t have much time for golf like Obama did. Well, the count is 187 days of golf for Trump at his own golf courses to the tune of $102 million of your money. You the taxpayer has paid this much.

Oh, you say Obama golfed, so what did he cost you?  Well $12.7 million for the eight years, and mostly at military bases.

Trump spent 252 days at his properties like Mar a Lago and Trump Bedminster in New Jersey. This is your tax money going into his pocket. What a deal for him.

Remember, he has security that stays with him on his property, and you pay for it. If you think this is right call your representative or senator as maybe you can get invited for a round of golf on your dime.

– Bob Battani, Dura