Paying the Durango love forward

To the editor,

Sometimes just the blessing of living in Durango can’t help but make my heart almost burst with gratitude. The natural beauty speaks for itself, with the mountains melting into amazing mesas and the Animas sexily winding through town seducing our souls into trusting the natural flow of life.

So many reasons to love this town. And the people are every bit of an asset as our rivers, mountains and mesas. 

Old timers and newbies. Having been here 40 years, it is a delight to witness how Durango’s been able to retain its charm and open heart in spite of growth. Everyone seems to realize we share something very unique here.

Just recently we have all been in awe of our amazing firefighters (also thank you, visiting firefighters!) Our law enforcement is friendly without being overly intrusive. And the generosity and creativity of our businesses and citizens continues to blow my mind for four decades now!

A few weeks ago, I needed some work from the Durango Motor Co. Jonathon and his staff went way out of their way to help me when there was an additional snag. They were wonderfully helpful. Truly the “relatively” new owners of this old business are an added asset to our community. (And what a beautiful waiting area!)

So, I am not exaggerating when I say that sometimes my heart nearly bursts with gratitude and love for such a community as this. Thank you Mother Earth and fellow pilgrims in this suspended state of grace here in Southwest Colorado!

– Susan Urban, Durango