Politics & propaganda

The far-right has finally devolved into childlike behavior. Big Bird had the audacity to state that he had received the COVID vaccine and his wing was a little sore. According to Business Insider: “Texas Senator Ted Cruz critically responded to Big Bird’s tweet, accusing the character of promoting propaganda.” Newsmax, Fox and other right-wing pundits also tweeted, criticizing the Sesame Street character and calling it propaganda. No one had an issue in 1972 when Big Bird got a measles shot, but Richard Nixon was the president and Fox, Newsmax, etc. didn’t exist. 

This got me thinking about “promoting propaganda.” I have a number of clients and acquaintances that have told me they “home school” their children as they don’t want them “indoctrinated” by public school. When I asked them if they sent their children to Sunday or Bible school, they said yes. They didn’t or don’t get the irony and hypocrisy. 

A search for Bible school lessons will give you more than 71 million results. There are programs for pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, teens, tweens, girls, etc. If I recall correctly from catechism exposure at an early age, the “teaching” went something like this: “Who made you? God made me. Who made the world? God made the world.” When I asked “Who made God?” I was told I couldn’t ask that question. Don’t get me started on Noah, Hell, The Rapture, Satan, Fear of God or women’s rights. Question: “What’s your definition of propaganda?” 

 Big Bird encouraging children to get measles or COVID vaccinations on top of the other multiple vaccinations that are required to go to school is not propaganda. It’s common sense. Ted Cruz’s children attend St. John’s School in Houston. They require seven vaccinations covering 11 diseases. Unfortunately, not the COVID vaccine. Not yet.

– Craig S. Chisesi, Rifle