Purveyor or murder & mayhem

To the editor,

As of last week, Sen. Cory Gardner had received $3.9 million from the NRA. That makes him the fifth highest-paid salesman of slaughter in the U.S. Senate, and he has not even completed a full term yet! In that time, he has been a strong force in preventing universal registration. He also has successfully worked to shut down any attempts to eliminate sales of military assault rifles like the AR 15 to the mentally unstable with clear tendencies toward mass murder like Nikolas Cruz, the confessor to the murder of 17 and the maiming of dozens of others in his old high school in Parkland, Fla. Gardner has further made sure that Cruz could get access to the largest magazines available so he could literally kill or maim the maximum number of school children and their teachers in the shortest possible time. In short, Gardner has delivered just what the NRA demands of him for their money.

AR-15 ammunition does not just penetrate the body, it literally rips it apart on the inside as though a grenade has gone off. After all, they are weapons designed exclusively for warfare. It is the assault weapon of choice for those with mass murder intentions and was also used by Adam Lanza to kill all those first-graders six years ago at Sandy Hook.

All Gardner has offered the stricken families are his prayers. I would remind him that he would do well to follow the words of Pope Francis: “You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. That is how prayer works.”

But Gardner did not do that. He just offered his crocodile prayers and worked hard and successfully to ensure that the slaughter of our children continues as his funders at the NRA demand.

And that makes him complicit in the disasters in Parkland and Vegas and all those set to come unless he decides to represent the people as opposed to the purveyors of murder and mayhem at the NRA.

– Stephen Bisbee, via email