Rate change a forced 'choice'

To the editor,

I just finished reading the write up in Country Living magazine about the LPEA rate changes for peak hours coming in April.

While I understand the need for the coop to increase rates, I don’t appreciate them spinning the facts and lying about the policy to pretty it up. The write up states this change gives us members more “choice” and “flexibility.” How so? 

With the rate change, I now have the “choice” to go stand outside for five hours after work to save money? 

I have the “choice” to cook more slow cooker meals, that I normally wouldn’t do, to save money?

The only “choice” this policy gives us is to either spend more money or turn the lights out in the hours when we mostly use them. Doesn’t sound like a good “choice” to me.

I found the write up to be egregiously disingenuous  and a half-witted attempt to sell a policy they know is going to be unpopular. 

Further, the amount of the rate change, to $1.50/kw, seems extremely high, and I am going to be shocked if their estimate that rates will only go up $5 a month actually comes to fruition.

– Tom Mudrak, Durango